Turturiya - Balmiki Ashram and Birthplace of Lav-Kush

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Turturiya is natural and ceremonial place is located 84 km from Raipur district and 29 km from Balodabazar district, 12 km away from Kasdol Tehsil, 5 km from Boroi , and 23 km from Sirpur , which is known as Turturiya . The above site is also known as Surasuri Ganga . This place is a picturesque place filled with natural scenery which is surrounded by hillside. Around this, Baranvapara Wild Life Santuary is also located. Turturiya is situated on the Balbhadri Nalla near the village called Bahriya. It is said that Maharshi Valmiki’s ashram was at this place in Tretayuga and that was the birthplace of Lav-kush.
The name of this place is due to the fact that the water flow of the Balabhadri drain goes through the rock, then the sound of the tutur emerges due to the buzzing waves from it. Due to which it has been given the name of Turturiya. Its water flow goes through a long narrow tunnel and falls into a basin which is constructed from ancient bricks. At the place where this water falls in the Kunda, a cow’s mouth is made, due to which water is visible from its mouth. There are two ancient stone statues installed on both sides of the gomukh , which is of Vishnu ji, one of them is in a standing position and in the second statue, Vishnu ji is shown sitting on the Sheshnag . The ancient stone statues of the two brave persons are made near the pool, in which respectively a heroic one lion is displayed with the sword, and in the second statue, another heroic person is shown wearing an animal neck. Shivaling has been found in this place, in addition to this, the ancient stone columns have also been scattered in a considerable quantity, in which artistic excavation has been done. Besides this, some inscriptions are also established here. The statues of some ancient Buddha are also established here. There are also residues of some of the fractal shrines. The founding of idols related to Buddhism, Vaishnava and Shaivism at this place also assures the fact that there has been a mixed culture of these three cultures here. It is believed that there were Buddhist monasteries in which Buddhist monks were residing. Due to being close to Sirpur , it gets more emphasis that this place has ever been the center of Buddhist culture. It is estimated from the scriptures of the inscriptions received here that the time of the statue received here is 8-9th century . Even today, there is the appointment of female priestesses which is an ancient tradition. There is a three-day fair here in the month of April and a large number of devotees come here. Apart from being a religious and archaeological site, it also attracts tourists due to its natural beauty.

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