Citizens can find good hotels in Balodabazar, Bhatapara, Kasdol city only. However, there are public guest houses of PWD, cement companies and forest department in the district.

Guest House Name Address Department
Bar-Navapara Resort Bar Navapara Forest
Circuit House Balodabazar Near Garden Chouk, Balodabazar PWD
Guest House Balodabazar Bhatapara Road, Balodabazar PWD
Guest House Bhatapara Main Road,Bhatapara PWD
Guest House Simga Balodabazar Road, Simga PWD
Guest House Palari Main Road, Palari PWD
Guest House Kasdol Main Road, Kasdol PWD
Guest House Lawan Main Road Lawan PWD
Guest House Bilaigarh Main Road,Bilaigarh PWD
Guest House Bhatgaon Main Road,Bhatgaon PWD