Zila Panchayat Balodabazar

There are six block panchayats under Zila Panchayat Balodabazar :

1.Balodabazar 2. Bhatapara 3. Palari, 4. Simga, 5. Kasdol, 6. Bilaigarh

Some main schemes running under Zila Panchayat are :

National Rural Employment Guarantee Act राष्ट्रीय ग्रामीण रोजगार गारंटी योजना

General information of the district regarding the National Rural Self Employment Guarantee Scheme (as on 16.07.2019)
Description Details Description Details
No. of HH having NREGA Job Cards 221386 No. of workres having NREGA Job Cards 569441
No. of Active Workers HH 187404 No. of Active Workers 431235
No. of HH Employment Provided in FY 2019-20 123631 No of Average Family provided Employment 36.12 (48.16%)
No of Employment Provided Workers 44.65 (62.51%) No of families copleted 100 Mandays 1485
No. of Mandays Targeted for 2019-20 71.43 वर्ष 2019-20 में लक्ष्य के विरुद्ध प्राप्त मानव दिवस 44.65 (62.51%)
Total Targted Mandays for Month June of 2019-20 35.8 Achieved Mandays agains the Target for Month June of 2019-20 44.65 (124.72%)
No of Aadhar seeded in MIS for Active Workers 405607 (94%) No of Bank Account Seeded in MIS for Active Workers 426139 (98.82%)
No. of Post Office Accounts of Active Workers 2076 (0.48%) Daily wage rate under the scheme Rs. 176 per Mandays
Timely Payment Status for Workers in 2019-20 99.97% Total Expenditure (in Lakh) for 2019-20 75.76

For details information about the scheme .. click here for download pdf file