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Damakheda - Simga, Kabeer Panth Aashram
Damakheda – Kabeer Panth Aashram
Category Religious

Damakheda is a pilgrimage center of Kabirpantis near Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh and in district Balodabazar – Bhatapara. It…

Turturiya BB
Turturiya – Balmiki Ashram and Birthplace of Lav-Kush
Category Historic, Religious

Turturiya is natural and ceremonial place is located 84 km from Raipur district and 29 km from Balodabazar district, 12…

Front View of Mawali Mata Mandir, Singarpur
Mawali Mata Mandir Singarpur

Singarpur is a village in the tehsil of Bhatapara in Balodabazar district of Chhattisgarh. Singarpur is 11.8 km from its…

Front View of Siddheshwar Temple
Siddheshwar Mandir, Palari
Category Historic, Religious

Siddheshwar Temple, this Shiva temple is located on the embankment of Balasamund pond in Palari village, 25 km away from…

यात्रा के दौरान ठहरने के लिये विश्राम गृह
Son Barsa Nature Safari

The Sonbarasa Reserve Forest located in Gram Panchayat Latua, just 3 km away from the district headquarters, has been developed…

Giraudpuri Dham, Balodabazar
Giraudpuri Dham

Situated by the confluence of the Mahanadi and Jonk rivers, 40 KM from Balodabazar and 80 km from Bilaspur, the…

Bar Navapara Wildlife Sanctuary
Category Natural / Scenic beauty, Recreational

Bar Navapara Wildlife Sanctuary   This sanctuary is located in Balodabazar district, which is 245 square kilometers. Is spread…