Natural Resource


The district’s Kasdol tahsil is forested. The district has 875.27 hectare forest area. Where different species of flora and fauna are stored in large numbers. Baranvapara Residence is located under Kasdol tehsil, where besides the construction of the motel by the tourism department, arrangements for jungle safaris have also been arranged. In addition, the safe forest of Sonbarasa, Khairwardeh (Balouda Bazar), Arni, Dharashiv (Palari), Kachlan (Simga), Suma (Bhatapara)


Lime stone is the only major mineral in the Baloda Bazar district. This mineral is found in Simga and Baloda Bazar tahsil. Due to this, there is abundance of cement plants, in which there are international plants established in District such as Ultratech in Gram Hirmi and Ravan, Ambuja in Village Ravan, Lafarge in Village Sonadih and Emami in Risda . There has also been a confirmation of getting golden powder in Sonamkhana’s Bagmara village, under Kasdol tehsil, but due to high cost of production, due progress in this direction has not progressed. In Birligarh, Kasdol tehsil and Simga weavers are also made from handloom saris and other fabrics. Various Rice Mill, Dal Mills, Poha are operated in Balouda Bazar, Bhatapara. Rice is also exported abroad, as well as power plants, brass factories and other small and medium industries. The establishment of industrial park after district creation has strengthened the prospect of new industry.

Agriculture and Irrigation

The total area of ​​agriculture under the six tehsils of Baloda Bazar district is 26,9888 hectares. Paddy crop in the district is prominently highlighted.More than one million population of 970 villages in the district are mostly dependent on agriculture.Paddy is procured through 86 co-operative societies at the support price. There are also 4 agricultural produce markets in the district, in which Bhatpara-based Mandi is famous for crop purchase sales throughout the year. There are many rivers, streams in the district for irrigation, among which there are major rivers Mahanadi, Shivnath, Jonk. Tributaries in the tributaries of the tributaries, while the Jamuna and Khorsi canals are also major. To develop irrigation facility in the British period, about 200 km in 1935-36. A canal network was laid. The water of Gangrel dam is transported to the fields even today through the Baloda Bazar Branch Canal and the Lavan Branch Canal. Baloda Bazaar has been declared a Tarsch region because of the decrease of average rainfall by the government. Only pahari tehsil is concentrated area, the remaining area of ​​the remaining tehsils is less. Apart from Giant Balderdam in the Kasdol area, the water resources department has also constructed anklets and some other small dams in the rivers. The construction work of Bhatapara Canal has been continuing for several years, due to which the district’s Bhatpara Tehsil will be full of irrigation facility.