Tourism, Culture and Language

Baloda Bazar district is very rich with the view of tourism. Siddheshwar Mahadev on the banks of Balasamund pond of Baranvapara sanctuary, Tuturia (Balimi Ashram) in Kasdol, birth place of Guru Ghasidas, the successor of Satnam Panth, and Jaitakhhama, above the Kutubmanarhar, the birthplace of freedom fighters, Veer Narayan Singh, Sonakhan, Pulariya in Giroudpuri. Shivnath, the confluence of the Mahanadi and the Lilagar river in the Chongori pasar of the temple, the lavan, and the Shivnath and Kharun in Somnath of Simga. The main venue is the Sangam. The original language of the district is Hindi and Chhattisgarh and the philosophy of the ancient tradition and culture is visual in here, in Suwa, Route Nano, Karma, Panthi, Gaura-Gauri Poojan etc.