Covid-19 related Orders and Instructions issued from State Government and District Administration

Covid-19 related Orders and Instructions issued from State Government


Orders and Instruction issued from District Administration

1 Order to Close the Registry Offices

2 Bus transport service ban order 

3 Order of implementation of Section – 144 in all Urban Body Areas

4 Medical Store Investigation Team Order

5 Rally Gathering Ban Order

6 Order to close Mall, Multiplex, Cinema, Club, Disco, Library, Water Park, Swimming Pool, Gym

7 Memorandum to Limit Attendance in Offices

8 Corona virus Memorandum for investigation of infected suspects

9 Order to Close all liquor shops, warehouses and clubs in the district

10 Covid – 19 lock-down related orders

11 Section 144 order for rural area

12 Block Level Core Committee Order

13 District Level Core Committee Order

14 Order related to internet service, video conference service

15 Order to lock down

16 Order for control room and telephone

17 District Helpline Number Order

18 Memorandum on voluntary organizations

19 Orders to Agricultural and Harvesting 

20 Home to Home Tour Order

21 Work division order

22 Magisterial duty order

23 Memorandum for revenue court case

24 21 day lockdown order

25 Instructions for proceedings under section 51 to 60 of the Act 2005 as well as section 188

26 Lock-down waiver order

27 Order for Section 144

28 Order for recommending extension of orders under section 144 for further date 03/05/2020

29 Incident commander appointment order

30 Required material delivery orders only from urban bodies

31 Kota Rajasthan related order

32 Regarding permission / acceptance to migration.

33 Section 144 related order

34 Section 144 order

35 Order for Containment Zone

36 Protocol order of Covid-19

37 Order of associate officer / employees

38 Containment zone order

39 Duty order of officer employees for proper arrangement on arrival of workers at railway station Bhatapara

40 Restriction relaxed order under section 144

41 Section 144 amended order

42 Marriage and funeral permission order

43 Order to close commercial establishments and markets

44 COVID-19 Control Room In-charge Officer Duty Order

45 Order for all the urban areas of district Balodabazar-Bhatapara from 28.07.2020 night 12.00 to 06.08.2020 night 12.00

46Order related to lockdown

47 Revised Order of Lockdown

48 Lockdown Order form 22.09.2020 to 29.09.2020

49. Navratri Festival Related Guidelines

50. Unlock Order Date 29.09.2020

51. Camp order

52. Order related to restaurant/ Dhaba/ All types of permanent and temporary shops

53. Order related to New Contentment Jone – Village Sankari

54. Revised instructions regarding Chaitra Navratri festival

55. Containment Zone Order from 6.00 PM on 11.04.2021 till 6.00 AM on 21.04.2021

56. Order to extend the period of Containment Zone in the district

57. Order to increase lockdown

58. Order for extension of lockdown dated 04 May 2021

59. Order for extension of lockdown dated 15 May 2021

60. Order to extend the period of Containment Zone in the District

61. lock down extension order

62. Revised order regarding marriage and death program

63. Order regarding extension of lockdown dated 14 July 2021